Here are ten essential tips for selling your home to help transform your home into a sale ready property, courtesy of

The best thing that any homeowner can do is to declutter and then deep clean their property.

Appeal to the viewers’ sense of smell and put on a pot of coffee, bake some bread or light a scented candle before they arrive. Most people’s moods are lifted by lovely smells!

Make the frontage gorgeous, and ensure that the front door area is welcoming. The property should be easy to find, with the house number visible, and make sure that the doorbell works.

Clean up and de-clutter – remove any unnecessary furniture to allow the feeling of more space and allow natural daylight in.

Remove everything that isn’t decorative. Ask yourself “Would I see this item in a show home?” and if the answer is no, put it out of sight.

Curb appeal! Stand across the street and view your own home from a different perspective.

Make an effort to visit your local market and buy fresh flowers to decorate the lounge, kitchen, dining room and master bedroom.

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