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Simply enter your post code and the home valuation tool will appraise your property based on your area and current market values then sends your home valuation to your email address.

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With the consistent variance’s in house costs, its smart to test the value of your house, apartment or bungalow in the event of re-mortgaging, improving or moving your home. The value my flat calculator can help you. The free value my house calculator will estimate any home and decide property prices around your post code and give you give you a property valuation report. The free property valuation report is sent to your email or seen on the value my home web site.  The process is very simple Just fill in your post code above and let take the necessary steps to value your home. One type of property in particular has grown in value faster than all other properties over the last decade – the flat, with a massive 60 per cent price rise and outpacing all other types of property. Value my flat is a request that our free property calculator can cope with very easily and quickly when using the value my flat, free property calculator, for an instant home valuation estimate on your flat.


The value of you home can be greatly impacted by so many little details, as well as the big ones. How they impact the value is down to you. From finishing those age old DIY jobs to a simple clean behind the ears, our simple guide can lead you through the pitfalls so many homeowners make when selling their property.


Whether you’re looking to smarten up a new development or redecorate your old house before you sell, it’s easy to leave all the minor enhancements you can make to add value to your home. If you’re looking for value for your money, have a look at our list of suggestions that will help you add value quickly.


If you’ve just put your house on the market and the phone never stops ringing then maybe you’ve priced it a little too low, however, if you’re house has been on the market for a year without any interest shown then you have probably overestimated the current property market.

Why Value my apartment, home or bungalow ?

If you are thinking of moving home, or just curious as to how much your property is worth in comparison to others on the market within your area, conducting a property valuation is an essential step.

Free on-line instant property valuation calculator will value your house or flat.

Using the online house valuation calculator is a useful way to get a quick and easy estimate of the real price of your property. Using the free What’s My Property Worth home valuation calculator will instantly answer questions such as:

  • Can i value my bungalow?
  • Can i value my house for free?
  • What are other properties fetching in my area ?
  • What’s my apartment worth?
  • What’s my terraced house worth?
  • What are competing properties in my area worth?
  • What’s my detached house worth ?
  • What improvements should i make to my home to increase its worth?
  • What’s my flat worth?
  • What’s my property worth? its been on the market for a year and its still not sold!!!
  • Ive made lots of home improvements, what’s my house worth now?
  • Am i able to value my home at a fair price?
  • If i over value my house will it still sell?

Why should i use the Value My Property valuation tool ?

Even if you are not planning to move straight away, a Whats My Property Worth instant property valuation will give you an estimate of how much your house should be worth, giving you a good starting point as to what price to begin at when you do decide to market your home.

Estate Agents -v- Value my property myself?

If you are wondering why you should not just call an Estate Agent; surely they can tell me the value of my house or what is my bungalow value ? The reason is this; an Estate Agent can tell you what your flat’s value or what your terraced house is worth, but they may also have a hidden agenda when providing a property valuation reports. A high property valuation is likely to impress the home seller, but often that valuation is too high, and after a few weeks the seller will be asked to reduce the house price to suit the market value, in order to sell the property……not just disappointing but also time wasting. Your detached house is not worth as much as you thought after all!

The We Value Any Home free, instant, property calculator can estimate how much your property is worth, quickly and easily, without the involvement of an estate agent. Saving on time and disappointment, We Value Any Home are empowering sellers across the UK with the freedom to calculate the market price of their home accurately and answer the question themselves – What’s my property worth?

Is it more difficult to value my flat, or value my bungalow, than value my house?

Flat valuations, bungalows, detached, semi-detached or terraced property estimates, whatever type of property you live in, the free property valuation software devised by can tell you what your property is worth in a matter of minutes. So when you ask us, value my flat or value my home we say no problem!. The online home valuation calculator is also an flat valuation calculator and a bungalow valuation calculator and is able to value any domestic property, so online flat valuation and online bungalow valuation are both possible with the house price checker. Just begin by entering your postcode, its easy!!! Value my home, value my flat, value my bungalow….the choice is yours, the home valuation calculator will work out your home value regardless of type or size, and once you have answered, whats my home value, what you do with the free online property estimate is entirely up to you. Whatever the, reason for carrying out a free online property valuation we guarantee you will find it to be a simple, fuss free experience which gives you results in minutes flat. ‘Whats my home value?’ we hear you cry – DIY is our reply, use the home valuation calculator for a free online property valuation. Its so easy!!!!