Im thinking of moving house and want to value my home!
If this is the case, then a property valuation is an important step. Property Valuations give an estimate of your properties worth and are commonly based on a variety of factors including house values, by postcode, number of bedrooms, street type, detached, terraced or semi plus a whole array of property data. It is important that the house price estimate gives you an idea of what price to start your sale from when placing your property on the market. A free valuation calculator can offer a realistic value especially if you are not planning a move immediately.

Free property valuation.

A Free house valuation is a way to exact how much your house is worth, and what improvements can be made if you want to increase the value of your property. Free online house valuations are a handy way to get a calculated and quick, estimate on your property price. Our Free house price calculator will give you an idea of how much money you could possibly make from the sale of your house, flat or bungalow. The factors that our property estimator calculates to understand property worth include the number of bedrooms, garden, parking availability, post code and how new the property is. 

I want to value my house without having to use an estate agent!

Then the free online property valuation calculator is definitely for you, you can find out how much your property is worth in a matter of minutes without having to leave your chair or even pick up the phone. Don’t forget though, when your putting in your property details, the online property valuation calculator will not take into account any home improvements that you might have made to your home over the years. You must remember to include these improvements as it may increase the amount of the property estimate.

I used the free online property valuation checker to value my house and im happy with my house valuation…what should i do next?

If the free online property valuation calculator gave you a satisfactory home valuation, you might be thinking that you are ready to go ahead and sell your property.

Before you go ahead and market your home, just take a quick look around and say to yourself…does my home have buyer appeal? If not, here are a few techniques just to get the ball rolling….

Make sure when viewers come round that your house is clean and fresh, bright and quiet. This may involve giving some shabby walls a lick of warm, neutral paint; using air fresheners and displaying fresh flowers.

A little more on the strenuous side, but tasks which are equally as important are to finally fit those spotlights you’ve had sitting in the lounge since you moved in, mowing the lawn and painting the fence. All this will make the property more welcoming and help viewers picture themselves in your home.

These jobs really cannot be stressed enough. You may well assume buyers will look at an exposed wall and assume it’s ‘easily fixable’ but would you? You’re just adding to their hassle factor and worsening the impression.

Property estimate ? find out , what’s my property worth ?

Our online property valuation tool will then give you an instant property estimate. Once you have your property valuation report, it is then advisable to take a look sold house prices in your area via right move or Zoopla and compare the average price of a sold house in your area. This will give you a good indication of what, improvements you could make to increase the value of your house, flat or bungalow. Get your free online house valuation today.

What’s my property worth?

Our free property valuation calculator will estimate your proper value quickly and easily, try the house price calculator today Click here for a free property valuation.