Will my property estimate be an accurate way to value my home?

If i estimate my property value using the property valuation calculator can i be sure its correct?…..Yes your property estimate will be accurate and means that you will be able to sell you home at the going rate. The free property valuation calculator will give you an online property estimate based on the size and condition of your home when you originally bought it. If improvements to the property have been made, for example rooms added or extended you will need to add this to the free property valuation calculator, any more details that add will help to give an indication of a fair free property estimate.  Regardless of whether you are planning to move house or not, carrying out a free property estimate is still a great way to determine how much your home is worth, and perhaps think about what further improvements you could make to your property to increase the value of your home. Get your home valuation estimate with our free property valuation calculator, giving you a property estimate and answering the question, estimate my property value?

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FREE instant property valuation… estimate your home with the home valuation calculator.

Estate agents may have a hidden agenda when providing a property valuation. A high property valuation is likely to impress the home seller but often this can be somewhat of a red herring, fore instance, if the estate agent estimates the property too high, they may believe they are more likely to receive the instruction from the home seller. However over a period of a few weeks the home seller will be asked to reduce the price to suit the market value in order to sell the property. Time wasted…

The We Value Any Home widget can estimate the cost of your property without the involvement of an estate agent. We believe in empowering sellers with the freedom to calculate the market price of their home accurately themselves.

Try the property valuation calculator.

Estimate your home with the home valuation calculator.

On a constant basis our software collates property information throughout the whole of the UK, including house values by postcode from numerous sources, street type, property style plus a whole array of other relevant data. This is then matched to your property and then a valuation is calculated that ensures your home is estimated at the correct market value.

The valuation tool enables you to get a value quickly, rather than getting a traditional estate agent to visit you. Who wants that, after all?


Estimate your house with house valuation calculator.

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Some property valuation tips to help estimate the value of your property.

Estimate any improvements made to your property.
The house price valuation tool will calculate your property price based on the size and condition of when you purchased. If you have extended or improved the property you will need to add this to the property valuation report.

Compare your estimate with other properties in the area
Once you have used our free house valuation tool, it is advisable to take a look at similar houses in your area. This will help you decide on the price you should market your house at. If you want a quick house sale, then set your price at an amount significantly lower than those in the same area.


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