Simply enter your post code and the online valuation calculator will appraise your property based on your post code area and current market values then sends the property estimate to your email address.

What’s my home worth, Estimate my property value, with the free online property valuation calculator.

With the constant fluctuation’s in house prices its always a good idea to estimate the value of a home, apartment or a bungalow especially if you are selling, re -mortgaging or simply improving the property. The free online property valuation calculator can assist you. The free house price valuation will value any home and determine property prices around your post code area and then give you a property valuation report based on your post code. The estimate forms a property valuation report and is sent to your email or you can view the estimate online. You can use the property calculator to estimate your house, flat or bungalow value. Simply fill in your post code above and let wevalueanyhome.com do the work. One type of property in particular has grown in value faster than all other properties over the last decade – the flat, with a massive 60 per cent price rise and outpacing all other types of property. Value my flat is a request that our free property calculator can cope with very easily and quickly when using the value my flat, free property calculator, for an instant home valuation estimate on your flat.


The value of you home can be greatly impacted by so many little details, as well as the big ones. How they impact the value is down to you. From finishing those age old DIY jobs to a simple clean behind the ears, our simple guide can lead you through the pitfalls so many homeowners make when selling their property.


Whether you’re looking to smarten up a new development or redecorate your old house before you sell, it’s easy to leave all the minor enhancements you can make to add value to your home. If you’re looking for value for your money, have a look at our list of suggestions that will help you add value quickly.

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Online property valuations are changing how property estimates work.

Property sales in the United Kingdom has changed a great deal. Websites like www.wevalueanyhome.com are now able to access a massive amount of data that was once only available to property professionals or on subscription However it is now readily available and is enpowering general public in data for property valuations. For a millennium, people who have been looking for property valuation or property value for a house, flat or bungalow would only be limited to the opinion their local real estate agent. Today, technology and the world of big data has changed this limited access to a pool of property information that has always provided the estate agent with the insiders knowledge of what your current house value would be to enable a current property estimate.The portal to this information is now open. If you want to know the value of your house, flat or bungalow, in any region in the united kingdom. Now its easy and fast. You simply go online and get a property valuation report for free.

What’s my home value ? A home valuation using post code data.

When you want to know, whats my home value ? bear in mind that the house value estimate is dictated by post code data. That is collected every time a property sells in the estimate area. We make this information available with an online house valuation search and once more its free and conducted in a matter of minutes. Think about the implications of this. The position of influence that determine property values and the ability to inform and produce a property valuation report shows what your house is worth, this control has always resided with estate agents or registered property valuers, however this information now is available to all for free and may prove to be the catalyst in bringing the owners and buyers of property back into a position of control. So for anyone asking , whats my home value?, whats my property worth?, value my property and estimate my home value, the answer is simple, just use our free estimate my home value tool. All you need is your postcode and the property valuation calculator will instantly give you a quick and easy free online home valuation estimate. What you then do with your home valuation estimate is entirely up to you. You no longer have to worry when thinking, whats my home value or estimate my home value, the power is in your finger tips and your free online property valuation estimate literally minutes away.

If your thinking, what’s the value of my home ? then try the free online property valuation tool.

Free online property valuations are having a huge influence on the way a decision that is reached in working out what your home value is worth. When sellers are trying to come up with a reserve price for say an auction,in the past its always been a bit of a guess. Estate agents agents will try to guide the sellers with feedback from buyers so to reduce their expectations as to what is the property worth is rather than, what the historical sales data says it more likely will be. The case for going online and getting a free home valuation is a bit of a no brainer. But it is not just about the owner selling a house. There are just as many reasons to obtain a free house valuation if you are looking to extend or renovate your home, refinance or provide security for another loan. Previously a bank would obtain their own house valuation using a panel of property valuers. Often this property valuation report was favoured to the banks own criteria and could lower the value of the home by up to 15%.

Property valuation reports continue to improve.

What websites like www.wevalueanyhome.com is provide detailed and current overview’s of property sold with similar criteria in your area making the whole process of getting a true property valuation of your home more in your control rather than just being at the mercy of the lenders. As the quality and the relevance of the data in these free home valuation reports continues to improve, the estate agents, and valuers will recognise that the information provided will change the way they engage with the sellers and buyers of property throughout the United Kingdom. For the older demographic they may still be asking what is my property worth, what is the value of my home, flat or bungalow. They are simply picking up on how crucial it is to be fully informed about their house valuation, before they consider listing and choosing a competent and more importantly cost effective estate agent. It is by no means a stretch to say that these free home valuation websites are as important to the property seller and buyer as the selling websites like Rightmove and Zoopla.